Monday, May 16, 2011

::Senior|AnnMarie:: {Hemet Senior Photographer}

AnnMarie was the last of the three best friends I shot. She is the youngest of the three but the “mom” of the group. She is the one who is always making sure every article of clothing looks good on others and makes sure that is not the funny strand of hair sticking out somewhere. She is the one who nurtures people, she is “the mom”.  It was great to watch the other girls take care of her and make sure she was “perfect” for her shoot. Due to traffic we started her shoot a little later than what I normally would, so I knew we had to work fast, and since it was a warmer day we also had to watch for snakes!! It is becoming that time of year again when we need to watch out for those lovely creatures that I cannot stand! Ugh, I really dislike snakes, no thank you! We didn’t encounter any snakes, but we did have some wonderful gnats follow us around, you know that kind that feel like they are in your eyes and everywhere else on your body, the really annoying kind, but we didn’t let them stop us. We went on our “nature” walk and ended in the very cold, cold creek that AnnMarie really wanted to get in, which of course I LOVED!

AnnMarie I am so happy for you that you are going to OR for school. That is going to be a wonderful experience that not many get have. Don’t be sad about leaving the other girls, try to always look at life with the glass half full, not empty. Things always seem better that way. ; )

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