Wednesday, May 18, 2011

::Happy 1st Birthday, Bailey Renee::

One year ago today I laid in a hospital bed filled with so much anticipation, and excitement knowing I was going to be the proud mother of a little baby girl. I had fears about having a little girl, but I am sure those will be knocking at my door in 14 more years! The minute you were born my heart ached with so much love. It is an indescribable feeling having a child. How can you explain to someone just how much they are loved in one second of meeting them, literally, one second. That every part of your body gets this achy, tingly, adrenaline rush when you see you child for the first time. It is like taking a breath of fresh air, but this is the best fresh air in the entire world that you could ever breathe. Bailey was no different that her brother. I loved her more than words can describe in that first second I saw her, it made every part of those long nine months worth it, that and then some!

Bailey is opposite from my experience with her brother in many ways. Has been since day one. She is a quiet creature, and at times very content playing alone. She would rather put herself to sleep that be held or cuddle. ( boo!) She doesn’t know that  I know this, but she is an instigator and tries to get her brother in trouble… a lot. And let me tell you about this girls dirty looks. She can throw some mean “if looks could kill” faces. She is the shy one, doesn’t trust many at first, but only takes couple minutes to warm up to you. She loves music and loves to dance. Most days she is a pretty easy, laid back child. Something I am totally not used to. Bailey has been walking for about 10 days now, it is so weird to have two walking children. Logan will take a toy of hers, go running and there is she chasing right after him.. We have four teeth on top and two on the bottom, which is great since she doesn’t like food..weird child! I'm still not sure where she got that trait from…. She only wants baby food and french fries. Nice combo. But we’re working on it. She is tall and skinny coming in at 30.5 Inches and only 21.2lbs. .. I love every little piece of her, even when she gives me dirty looks, and throws food at me when I try to feed her. : ) She is my little girl! I never in a lifetime thought I would be able to say that.

I love you Bailey Renee. Please stay my little girl forever. . .







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