Friday, May 6, 2011

::Kennedi |9days::

Miss Kennedi Jo. I was so excited to meet this little girl. I have been waiting since the moment her Mama told me she was pregnant with a little baby girl. Growing up Ashley and I caused a lot of ruckus together, roaming the hills of Reche Canyon on our horses and dirt bikes. Ashley found out she was pregnant right before Logan was born, and now our daughters will be 11 months apart. It’s always great to have a friend with children around the same age, and even greater when their child is just as wild and crazy as yours! I am so excited to see Kennedi grow. She is now a month old {here's to the worst blogger ever! ;)} and as cute as ever. I think she looks just like her Grandpa.

Welcome to the world Kennedi Jo. You are one very loved little girl.

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The Marshmans said...

these are great Hannah!