Sunday, December 19, 2010

All Caught Up!

What a great feeling to be all caught up with my work. I seriously never thought this day would come and I am overwhelmed with joy when I think about how busy I have been since August. I have only had 6 weekend days off since August. That is so crazy to me. In one year my business tripled. I can only hope and pray that it will do the same for next year.

With all of that being said and January starting to fill up already I have decided to take my person blog and combined the two blogs I have together. I feel that way, my clients can get to know me a little better along with seeing my work and how I got where I am today. This will also help me stay up with my person blog. I have been lacking in that department for sometime now. I originally started it so my kids will have something to look back on, so now I will just keep them together and take out the work post when I go to publish my blog for my kiddos.   I don’t think I have many followers on here yet but I would love to hear your feedback. What would you like to hear more or and what would you like to hear less of. Please feel free to be open. I love hearing it, the good and the bad. You cannot be a photographer willing to put your work and life out there if you are not ready to hear the negative.. So I am ready.

I hope you all are having a nice weekend. It has been raining for the last two days and I am love it. I am bummed we could do a session yesterday and I am sure I wont be taking my own family pictures today either, but beside those two things I LOVE the rain.

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Me, behind the camera.

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