Sunday, December 19, 2010

. Mother.Daughter.

I took this duo  pictures in the summer at the beach. Little miss T is one of those kids that takes a minute to warm up to you and then she is a photographers best friend. She has this cute little head tilt and smile. Mom is trying to break her of the head tilt though. Kristen wanted snow on the ground when we first talked, I wasn't sure she would get it with that hot weather we were having, but she got her wish. It was cold, and wet, a little slippery too. It was my first time shooting in forest falls, I hadn’t been up there since the time I ditched school and drove there with my four best friends. (snow ditch day , sorry dad ) It was so nice up there, I think I will be taking my family soon, or maybe in the summer when there is no snow.


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