Sunday, December 19, 2010

A little about me…

I figured I would write a little something for the people just now finding me. If you ever get super bored and have absolutely  NOTHING else to do, you can also go over and read my old “personal blog”. But, since I am sure none of you really care I will try to keep this short.

I grew up in Reche Canyon, Ca. I have had many jobs including, but not all: 911 dispatcher, waitress, cashier at Lowes, and most recently O.R scrub tech for Labor and delivery. I had worked at the hospital for 6 years in Labor and delivery. I loved my job, but then things started to change. It was after I had Logan. I wasn’t happy anymore at work. All I could think about when I was gone for my 15hrs days was being at home with my son. July 2009 is when I left the hospital and decided to put all my eggs in one basket and jump head first into this photography thing.

I have always loved taking pictures. I have never NOT had a camera on me. When Logan was born I looked at photography in a whole new light. Growing up I just wanted something to look back on and smile, I knew I liked pictures but didn’t understand the importance of them. It is not until you start losing friends and loved ones to realize and understand how important pictures are in all of our lives. So when I had Logan I knew I wanted to capture each and every moment, never to forget it. During this time I also started taking pictures of close friends and family for free just to get the experience and a feel for what I was doing and what my vision was. That is how Hannah Sons Photography was born.

If you want you can go here to read a little bit about why I price the way I do and why I give away so many pictures. Just fair warning I will have to raise my prices again in the future. Honestly it is not something I like to do. You probably think I am crazy for saying that, but this is why. I got into the photography for the pictures, to take the pictures, to edit them afterwards. I didn’t get into photography for the business. I know nothing  about the the business of it. ( well, yes a little, that is how I got up and running, but I hope you know what I mean)

ahh Moving on.

I have been married since Aug/Sept 2007. Why the August and September on there??? well, my husband was diagnosed with non Hodgkin's lymphoma August of 2007 because financially it was better for him to be double insured we got married Aug 15th at the court house so I could add him to my insurance through the hospital. But then as planned, we had our wedding on September 22, 2007. And, to top that whole situation off, I was 18 weeks pregnant with Logan when we got married.. oops. Well we said oops at first and then thanked the man above, because we didn’t know what chemo would do to Wes’ little men, if ya know what I mean.So to make a long story short. He is healthy now and in remission. His job is  power line construction ( like Edison, but not for Edison, he works for Hinkle's and McCoy) so when we have weather like these last few days with constant rain. They get called out a lot and work insane hours.  When you lose power, I lose my husband.

As mentioned I have Logan who will be 3 in January and I also have a daughter who is 7 months, Bailey Renee. I also am a step mom to a 10yo, Kohl. Wes and I have been together since he was five and he has grown and matured so much in that time.  Logan is my crazy, wild child, who I am pretty sure is my pay-back in life. And then Bailey just hangs out, goes with the flow and is very easy. But one thing for sure is they love each other. She can cry and be mad at the world until her brother sits with her, or talks to her and then all she does is laugh. He is constantly telling people that she is “HIS sister” One thing I know for sure, they are my life! Everything I do if for them. Which is why I need to keep making a living off my photography so I don’t have to go back to work until they are both in school.

Now that you are all bored, I am sure that is enough for one night. Like I said I would love feed back to what you want to hear about and what you could care less about.



My kids. kohl is my step son.


Currently my favorite picture of the boys.


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