Sunday, December 26, 2010

A Sons Family Picture…

What a morning! Today was the day I had planned to take our family picture. I was just going to have my mom come down and snap a few of us and be done.. Well, all of that happened but it wasn’t so easy. Bailey is teething and not enjoying life, which means she is also spitting up everything. Where we took the pictures there are bulls so Logan just wanted to see the “big moo cow” ( who was getting quite mad at him) and Kohl was just running around. So, once we all got together I didn’t check to see that my shirt was hanging out and my hair was all over the place. Despite of all the craziness we were able to get a couple. Let’s just say I will be trying this again sometime soon, and someplace without a live animal, which most of the time the bulls aren't even there, but of course the day I want to take pictures the bulls had been put there just this morning.


See what I said about the hair!

Sons2010Dec_0154     Sons2010Dec_0157

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