Saturday, December 18, 2010

::The Fisher Family:: Beaumont Family Photographer

Well, remember how I said I had fallen in the mud with the Rutland family? The Fisher family happened to be scheduled after them so they had the pleasure of seeing me at my best, covered in mud! How embarrassing. Then to make things even better, they were not dressed at all to be in the freezing cold. So we improvised and decided to drive down the backside of the hill. Since that is the way I drive when going to Oak Glen I was familiar with the area a little and knew of this walk-way thing ( I have no clue what it really is).

Since a storm had just passed through we had these A-MAZ-ing clouds. I was in heaven when I saw these things. They also reminded me of my friend  Rachel, who is an awesome photographer and now lives in KY. She seems to get these amazing photos with those big beautiful clouds, I think I want to move there just to get some of the amazing pictures she has. They seem to have great locations everywhere out there.  For a last minute improvise, this site was perfect for what my vision was with this family.


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