Saturday, December 18, 2010

:: Family session: Rutlands ::

I have known this family for such a long time. Lindsey and I are the same age, and have been friends for most of our lives. I am so thrilled that she just had her first born Brockton. Her parents are the owners of the “Green Frog” in Highland and also Electric Beach tanning salon in Grand Terrace. They are just great people to know and have always been there to help others out.  Now, with this session, I had just been in Oak Glen the day before for the Penney family. It was beautiful on that Saturday, then we show up for this family and there was a good four inches of new snow on the ground and it was cold. They were troopers though and we made it work. But of course I had to fall in the mud.. yes, totally covered in mud. Ahh good times.


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