Monday, December 20, 2010

Just call me Crazy…

Seriously what was I thinking? I have been so swamped with work that I couldn’t wait for a break and now that I am done I am hungry for more. Today, it is pouring and all I can think about it taking pictures. Our house is angled weird though so we have horrible lighting inside and I am not a fan of flash so I just would rather not take them inside. So what did I do? Well, I dressed my kids in their outfits I got for our family Christmas pictures (that didn’t happen yesterday, due to the rain) and drove them down the street and made then sit in the rain so I could take their pictures. HA! insane? yes! I got out first, got everything ready then I made Kohl get get Logan while I was getting Bailey out.  I had the boys sit while I ran Bailey over grabbed my camera and then tried to get everyone's attention towards me with a smile… easy right? Not so much.  It wasn’t raining too bad but what was coming down was at an angle directly towards me. The first pictures came out great, BUT not everyone was looking at me. Then, once I got everyone smiling and looking at me, which I couldn’t believe was happening, my camera fogged up!!! ahhhhh So the good picture I have of the kids, is not so good because they look blurry due to the fog in my camera because of the rain.

Oh well I tried. I am still hoping I can get a family picture to send out for New Years. It is the new cool thing to do. Or at least I keep telling myself that since I have yet to get a Christmas card out.

Here are the only two I felt were worth editing.


Now that I look at it again, it is not too bad. Bailey just looks funny to me because of how she is holding her head.


This is the one I like of the kids, but I hate the blur blob in the the middle. No it isn’t too bad, but bad enough for me not to like….



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Whitegirl said...

Good Job Mommy! Don't worry I would have done the same thing! You are passionate and it shows!