Saturday, December 18, 2010

::Krell Family::

What is there not to say about this cute little/not so little family. They are such a perfect mold of people. Jaylin and Mark are so cute together and the kids are all so different but also the same all at once. It was really windy the day of their shoot, Jaylin and I almost reschedule but Mark said no, we are going today, and that is what we did. It was a great choice because there wasn’t even a breeze in Oak Glen. Only bad thing, which Jaylin failed to mention, Mark had pneumonia. The poor guy was hacking up a lung, especially in the nice, clean crisp air. Between the coughing and each kid running in a different direction we managed to get a couple good shot of everyone together.

Krell2010Nov_0153-1Krell2010Nov_0207-1           Krell2010Nov_0264Krell2010Nov_0354-11Krell2010Nov_0500-1

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