Thursday, December 2, 2010

::Adame Family::

Okay bare with me my peeps. I am about 13 blogs behind. WOW huh. Can you same lame? hehe I have been so busy shooting and editing that my blogging skills, not that I have any to begin with, have gone down the drain. And, to top it off I don’t have all my images on this computer, some I still haven’t gotten off the laptop so I will do what I can,

My family and I took a weekend in Big Bear a while back for Oktoberfest. So I figured I would book some sessions in a beautiful area. I worked with Ana at the hospital and think she is just so sweet. Her children were hilarious and her son Alex hated my guts by the end of the session. I though he was going to throw rocks at me if I kept taking his picture. But in the end we conquered and got some great shots…. after the kids stopped fighting over the dog.. It was a fun time! Winking smile


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