Saturday, January 29, 2011

::Twin Boys, Three Weeks:: E&A: {Palm Desert newborn photographer}

A couple weeks ago my friend Kim contacted me to take pictures of her new nephews. These little guys were so cute and tiny. I had never done twins before, so that was a challenge within itself plus they were three weeks old and normally I do newborn sessions within the first 10 days of life. I was a bit nervous thinking of how I was going to position them, but once I got there things just kind of fell in place.

To be honest it was so nice sitting there talking with Kim and Janelle, the boys mama. Talk about having your hands full. I can not image have two little babies with the same needs at the same time. My hat is off to Janelle! The boys are paternal twins. At a quick glance they look very similar, but then when you look at them for more than a second you can see all the differences. It is also very obvious they have different personalities.

One reason why I love doing newborn photography is because I can hold and love of these little cute babies and then I can go home! I may complain about my crazy kids but I love the stages they are at. Newborn has never been my favorite ( at least with my own, but I LOVE others newborn babies), probably because I had the most fussiest, colicky children on the planet until three months.

I can’t wait to see these babies again and would love to photograph them on their first birthday to see how much they have grown and what kind of trouble they are getting into. I am sure they will be tag teaming, ganging up on their parents in no time!

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