Friday, January 21, 2011

Flashback Friday

ahh. It is that time of week again. Friday! Woohoo. {insert happy dance}

My husband came home this morning from working all night, told us to get ready, and took us to the zoo. Him and I both had not been in years and we had a blast. At times I think he was more excited than Logan to see the animals. I will post more later though.

This flashback picture is one of my favorite pictures of all times. It is a day that often gets brought up in my life. A day I  think about and smile. A day that most people don’t believe unless they saw it in person or have seen the pictures. A day that I really don’t think can be recreated, although we have talked about trying… ;)

This day all came down to someone telling me I couldn’t do anything that would surprise them, or that they hadn’t seen before! ha! At the time I was working at the Sheriffs Department as a 911 dispatcher and I was living in Grand Terrace with Kalin. I had become really good friends with the local deputy in Grand Terrace. Kalin and I are night owls so we would always be out late doing random things. For instance mowing the law at 3am ( the neighbors hated us) or we would take late night runs, be to tired to run home so I would have the deputy drive us home. ( we were young, that is my ONLY excuse) One night in conversation he told us there was nothing we could do to shock him. Nothing we could do that he hadn’t seen before. To Kalin and I this was a challenge so we put our minds to work and this is what we came up with!

To say the least it was a shocker! People took pictures, the fire dept. drove by and filled our pool with water, Starbucks gave us free drinks and Dominos even delivered a free pizza. We sat there from about 9am-3pm with our sign that read “ Honk if you like pool parties”  That day was seriously so much fun!  This is a day that will never be forgotten in my book. Great day, with great friends.

This picture was taken when another deputy friend came by to laugh and tell us he was surprised! He later told everyone else, they too were shocked, which means… MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!



This was taken right before the local fire dept. came by and filled out pool. Which was wonderful because we were trying to fill it with the gas station hose!


Incase you are wondering this is in the middle of Grand Terrace on the corner of Barton rd and Mt.Vernon. Smile

… and look at those gas prices!


Katelyn Chalker said...

WOW these pictures are great hannah made me laugh!

Tressa Mae said...

Oh Hannah I remember this picture forever ago on your myspace, its nice to know the story behind it!