Sunday, January 16, 2011

:: The “B” Family:: Redlands Family Photographer.

I met this amazing family yesterday and I seriously had such a blast taking their pictures. Juliene was one the the winners from my cyber Monday contest. I was excited that she won because my whole purpose to a contest is to meet new people! I still love my “oldie” clients to enter too. It is great to see everyone get competitive.

This was my first session after taking time off and I have to say if felt awesome to be behind the camera, interacting with different people besides my kids! I am a firm, FIRM, believer that everyone needs a little break from your kids! It makes the heart grow fonder♥

I love meeting young couples that  I feel like I could be friends with. Juliene and Dusty are that couple! Very funny, easy going, “Should I have worn a tie?”~ “Why would I have you wear a tie?” type of people? hehe. It is obvious they love the kids very much, and since they are at a similar age to my kids we are pretty much going through similar things. Little miss “B” wanted nothing to do with me at first. She was a hard shell to crack. Little Mr. B on the other hand was easy to crack and then he warmed right up. To top of this great session the weather was PERFECT. It got a little warm towards the end. But it was beautiful outside.

Thanks again “B” family. It was wonderful meeting you.

{ update: Mrs. B e-mailed me the other morning stating she had won a contest for a free 8x10 canvas photo from Canvas To Art  and she wanted it to be one of my pictures. How exciting. I am so glad I know at least one picture will be hung up.. ;)   }

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rae said...

That 50's treating you right sister! Beautiful job!

Anonymous said...

"I was excited that she won because my whole purpose to a contest is to meet new people! I still love my “oldie” clients to enter too."

Was it a rigged contest since the purpose was to get new clients only? Sounds like you are saying that your "oldie" clients are just an after thought and they weren't worthy of winning, since they are not new to you.

H.Sons said...

Wow, I was really taken back after reading this comment. I don't know how I could have "rigged" the contest, but I can tell you it was not. Actually one of my first winners from this contest was an "oldie" client. I guess I could have choosen my words better, but I love my clients, ALL of them. I have several (oldie)clients that I take pictures of at least a couple times a year and I love seeing them. I look foward to seeing them to catch up. They are never an "after thought"
Anytime a business person advertises or has a sale/contest, most likely it is to gain clientele, get a product known, or to bring back old clientele. And that is exactly why I had a contest, to do all three. Plus it is nice to give someone something for a discounted price.
I am sorry if you were offended by anything I wrote, it was never meant to be that way. Although, being in a business now, I know that I will never be able to make everyone happy.
I hope you are having a blessed day.

Sarah Faucher said...

I am another winner of your cyber Monday contest Hannah. I appreciate that you did that contest and that I had the pleasure of meeting you. I would just disregard that statement. I can't believe that someone would try to bring you down like that when you are doing something so generous for other people. Now that I have "shot" with you, I would not worry about all of your "oldie" clients worrying about you rigging it, because anyone that has been around you can see your sweetness, integrity, professionalism and character. I would love to become one of your "oldie" clients, even if that meant I never won another contest, because yes your pictures are just that good. Let people say what they want to say, you are your talent speak for itself!

-Sarah Faucher-