Thursday, January 6, 2011

My Little Man…

I figured I would do todays post about my little man since he was sick with the flu all day. Boy was that fun! I cannot believe he is going to be three at the end of this month. Where has the time gone. He is hilarious. He is quite the trouble maker, which is then when he uses his humor to get out of trouble. I hate to say it, but he knows just the way to wiggle himself out of trouble with kisses and “I’mmm sorry Moommmmey” ah it just melts my heart. I’m a push over, how did this happen? The one things that makes me love him even more is his love for his sister. I know it is so sappy to say but I really hope he keeps his personality. He is so crazy and wild yet has such a huge heart.  Get well soon little man. I love you so stinken much!

         Sons2011Jan_0048                  Sons2011Jan_0073


This smile is the one!


Sons2011Jan_0146 copy

Talking on the phone to his dad.

Sons2011Jan_0192 copySons2011Jan_0210 copy 2

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