Sunday, January 30, 2011

::Logan:: My THREE year old::

I seriously cannot believe my son is three today. I am trying to remember the last three years of his life and it just feels like a huge flash of light passed me.

This kid is the light of my life. He is something else. When I was pregnant with him I would pray he would have an outgoing, fun, strong, personality. That he would be someone to stand for what he believes in. To never take no for an answer and to never give up. I prayed these things all the time. Only problem, God listened and gave me everything I prayed for, which is now biting my in the butt. It’s true what everyone says; it only gets harder not easier as they get older. For Logan, this is very true. Just in the past couple weeks he has tested my patience more than ever and at times it is really hard. He is so full of life and comes up with the funniest things to say, which at times makes it hard to punish him or just not to laugh.  Him and timeout have  become close buddies lately even though Logan despises timeout.

Logan may be wild and crazy most days but he is also a cuddle bug and such a sweetheart. He can be sensitive ( he gets that from me.. poor guy) and very caring towards others.

If I had to narrow down his favorite things to eat it would be: sandwiches, hot dogs, crackers and chips, boy does he love some chips.

Most of all though, he hates wearing clothes. He will do anything to take his clothes off.   His newest line is he “pee’d” his pants so they have to come off!  He goes to the doctor in a couple weeks for his 3yo check up so I will have to post his “stats” later.

No matter how frustrated I get with him he is everything to me. He is my life, my first born, my LOVE. I cannot image life without him,…. ok I lied, when I wrote that all I could think about was more sleep, I would have more sleep without my children. But, I wouldn’t trade them for the world, or even more sleep. Promise!

Happy birthday Logan!  

We love you so much and will continue to pray for you to grow up and be the strong, independent, funny, outgoing person you are!

…And here is a slue of pictures of my boy!

              purplestork-33839-5x7[1] (2)P1010700   CSC_0164logan2Pumpkin Patch_1891      Logans1stb-day_32521st Birthday!

SonsJan_2010 01 25_0736sonsJan_2010 01 22_0584-blk2009May_4162April4th09_3664   2009June_43002009May_4193Chipped teeth and a bum eye! Copy of DSC_1710_3534


  sons2010May_0035                Sons2011Jan_0146 copy




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fran said...

Your post made me cry! He is soooo freaking handsome girl. Happy birthday logan!