Sunday, January 16, 2011

I ♥ Faces:: Winter Wonderland::

This is now my second week entering into the I ♥ Faces contest. It was actually a lot of fun last week to have a picture in their contest. And neat to see all the other entries.
I have been going through my pictures and realized I didn’t have a super great one I was proud of for this weeks challenge. I have a lot of winter pictures, but more of scenery than with people in them. so I narrowed it down to this one.
We shall see what is does for me. This was taken a year ago when we got so much snow in one night. We were stuck at home until my dad with the tractor could dig us out.  We get snow where we live, but normally not this much. Logan had walked out into it and was unsure of how to get back. This is the facial expression of please help. Actually I think he had asked and was looking at me wondering why I was still talking pictures and not helping him
SonsJan_2010 01 23_0647-1

Go here to check out the other entries.

I apprecaite all the comments and love feedback. Have a wonderful day!


Leah said...

what a great capture. reminds me of my childhood making forts in the snow. :-)

atarahmay said...

ADORABLE!!! Love this!